Our mission

Our commitment

In 2008 Maria Luisa Cosso Eynard and her daughter Paola Eynard created the Cosso Foundation and saved Miradolo Castle and its historical Park from neglect. This is how a cultural centre of research and experiments in the field of art and nature was born. It promotes the protection of beauty in order to create a new sense of responsibility and to protect the common good together with the community.

The Cosso Foundation’s objective is to promote culture and art, humanistic and scientific research and to enhance the Piedmontese territory.

The Cosso Foundation is:


The Cosso Foundation organises important art exhibitions in Miradolo Castle. Every aspect is carefully taken care of, from the creation of the project to its set up.

The rooms of the old house have exhibited true masterpieces including works by Caravaggio, Beato Angelico, Tiepolo and artists who have distinguished themselves for their revolutionary vision of the world of art such as Fausto Melotti and Luigi Spazzapan.


AVANT DERNIÈRE PENSÉE This is the resident art project at Miradolo Castle and it is thanks to this that the Castle and the Park have become an experimental centre in the field of music and performance. Artistic disciplines and innovative technology meet to create unique performances shaped around the old house which belonged to the Cacherano di Bricherasio family. It is both roving and engaging and uses new forms of expression while putting the visiting public at centre stage.


THE PARK Tales of the beauty of nature, centuries old trees and the botanical collection in the Park are told to the visiting public throughout the whole year. Guided tours, themed itineraries, literary and night walks, book presentations and educational activities together with an audio guide telling seasonal tales, mean that the Park can be enjoyed in all 4 seasons.

Social commitment

FIRM PARTNERSHIPS The Cosso Foundation works on having partnerships with healthcare facilities and hospitals within the territory in order to put art, nature and music at the foundation of projects supporting vulnerable people. It also offers educational packages, which are led by specialised operators, for day centres and cooperatives. 


ACTIVITIES FOR SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES The Cosso Foundation offers wide-ranging educational packages for everyone. It is dedicated in particular to families and all school ages. The activities are diversified and finalised in order to develop a sensibility towards art, music, nature and common decency. The “From one meter down” and “Ulysses” projects have become the basis for developing all activities and offers.