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Eventi e attività

Scopri le attività che la Fondazione Cosso ormai da anni si impegna a seguire nel campo sociale:

SM Feel Better Project

This project was launched in 2009 thanks to a partnership between the Psychology Department of the University in Turin, the CRESM – Regional Reference Centre for Multiple Sclerosis of the San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital in Orbassano and the Cosso Foundation.


It aims to reduce depression and increase the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis, offering a scholarship for two researchers, and hospitality at Miradolo Castle for meetings between psychologists and newly diagnosed patients. Holding such meetings in the beautiful surroundings of Miradolo Castle and its Park has proved to be more effective than the same type of support offered to patients in a hospital environment.

Running around with dementia

This is a project created by the Waldesian Diaconia- Coordinamento Opere Valli and Re Carlo Alberto Refuge based on the wishes expressed by people with dementia and their families to create more opportunities and to improve the quality of community services.

The project involves training local people to welcome and facilitate small environmental, architectural or communication and signage changes, which make organizations, shops or services accessible to everyone. Miradolo Castle is a partner of the “Friends of Dementia” project and it is a place which offers both dedicated tours and a dedicated welcome.

Our projects in the area grow and evolve over time. Follow us to stay up to date!