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Invitation to the Park: the magic of the four seasons

The colors of the park
Starry Magnolia
Beech asplenifolia
Davidia involucrata
The colors of the park
The colors of the park
Ginkgo biloba
Japan maple
American oak
The colors of the park
Diospyros Kaki
Ilex Aquifolium

The visit is suitable for everyone

Seasonal audio guide

A unique and innovative accompaniment to visits was conceived and created by the Cosso Foundation as part of the “Invitation to the Park” project. It represents an emotional and curious story, which is renewed each season, and gently guides you in discovering the place, its history and its beauty at any time of the year.

QR Code Map

Thanks to maps with QR codes, visitors with hearing difficulties can choose multimedia support for their visit. By using their smartphone or tablet, they can consult in-depth content on the history of the Park, the botanical collections and the centenary trees. The audio story tracks vary each season to capture the diversity and poetry of each period of the year.

Braille Guide

Information in Braille is available on request together with the seasonal audio guide which allows you to experience the Park enveloped by the sounds and scents of nature.

Themes in the Park

As part of the “Invitation to the Park” project, the garden has been filled with botanical, landscape, historical and architectural identification tags. A map of the park can be found at the entrance. The main plants are also recognizable thanks to plant identification tags that show their scientific name and origin.

Books for young and old

For the little ones there are educational booklets in which the friendly Nocciolino squirrel and the tender Cipria bunny help you to discover the Park and its inhabitants. A photographic book, in Italian and English, contains beautiful picturess of the four seasons. For nature lovers the Castle bookshop offers a selection of titles about parks, greenery and historic gardens.