For families

Educational activities, workshops and cultural passports

Educational activities, workshops and cultural passports

From the beginning, activity planning has continuously focused on families, while listening to their needs and wishes.

From one meter down is the method underlying the development of educational activities for families and school students of all ages.

You will find games, insights and reflections even for little ones, in order to help them to get to know art in a personal and more direct way, by going underneath the works that are on display, and in the park surrounding Miradolo Castle.

The Cosso Foundation together with Miradolo Castle is a family & kid friendly museum of the Nati con la Cultura (Born with Culture) circuit, because we believe that art and nature are tools to “make you healthy”.

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Did you know that ...

At the Castle there is a space reserved for families, with baby changing facilities and the possibility to heat baby food and bottles.

Miradolo Castle and its Park can be used to celebrate a special birthday with friends, while parents can visit the historic park or current exhibitions.